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Josef Warkany Lecturer Presentations

Description: This award recognizes a scientist who has significantly contributed to the field of teratology over his/her career. The award recipient presents a lecture scheduled as a highlight of the Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention's annual meeting.

Eligibility requirements: A distinguished career devoted to research in the field of teratology. The lecturer need not be a member of the Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention. Candidates can be nominated by members of the Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention, and at times nominations have also been made by an ad hoc selection committee.

Judging process: The Warkany Lecturer is selected by the president of the Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention from the list of nominated candidates.

2022 Recipient

Alan M. Hoberman, PhD, DABT, ATS, Charles River
Finding A Common Ground: Translation of the Principles of Teratology in Today's Regulatory Climate

Past Recipients

Peter G. Wells, PharmD, University of Toronto.
Reactive Oxygen Species and DNA Damage/Repair in Developmental Disorders

Linda S. Birnbaum, PhD, DABT, Scientist Emeritus and Former Director, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and National Toxicology Program.
POPs: A Plethora of Developmental Effects

Barbara D. Abbott, PhD, US Environmental Protection Agency (retired)
Developmental Toxicity of Perfluorinated Compounds: A Voyage from Animal Studies to Transfected Cells

John M. DeSesso, PhD
The Arrogance of Teratology

José F. Cordero, MD, MPH
Eliminating Congenital Zika Syndrome: Lessons Learned from Rubella Elimination

Elaine M. Faustman, PhD, University of Washington
Framing Our Birth Defects Questions with Systems Biology: Learning from Our Mentors

William Slikker Jr., National Center for Toxicological Research, US FDA
Developmental Toxicology: Putting the Puzzle Together

Thomas B. Knudsen, US Environmental Protection Agency
Teratology v2.0: Building a Path Forward

Robert J. Kavlock, US Environmental Protection Agency
A Random Walk through Teratology

J. David Erickson
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Retired
An Epidemiological Enterprise: From Fluoride to Folate

Kathleen Sulik, University of North Carolina
A Tail of Mice and Men, Embryos and Ethanol

Diana M. Juriloff, University of British Columbia
50 Years of Progress in Understanding the Causes of Three Common Birth Defects


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