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Two BDRP Past-Presidents Drs. Sonja Rasmussen and Christina Chambers lend their expertise on COVID-19 in pregnancy (3/20) https://www.statnews.com/2020/03/26/new-reports-raise-possibility-pregnant-women-can-pass-coronavirus-to-fetus-but-risk-is-unclear/

BDRP Past President Dr. Christina Chambers launches first COVID-19 in pregnancy study (3/20) https://connection.birthdefectsresearch.org/p/bl/ar/blogaid=1382

Past President Sonja Rasmussen provides insight on COVID-19 in kids and what parents should know in University of Florida School of Medicine video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8bTikEQk_M, and discusses COVID-19 and pregnancy in Texas Tribune article, https://www.texastribune.org/2020/03/02/coronavirus-texas-cases-latest-updates-san-antonio/(3/20)

Sue Fenton, BDRP member and NIEHS toxicologist is one of three mentors honored by National Institutes of Health graduate student trainees (2/20) https://factor.niehs.nih.gov/2020/2/awards-recognition/sue-fenton/index.htm

Philip Lupo, MD, BDRP member, co-authors CDC blog on genome-wide population studies (GWAS) in the quest to understand birth defects (1/27/20) https://blogs.cdc.gov/genomics/2020/01/27/genome-wide-association/

Peter Langlois, PhD, BDRP members, co-authors new study on Zika virus outbreak of 2016 (1/24/20) https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6903a3.htm?s_cid=mm6903a3_w

Scott Parnell, PhD, BDRP member, talks to WRAL-TV about CBD exposure in pregnancy (1/2/20) https://www.wral.com/cbd-pot-could-be-as-bad-as-alcohol-for-your-unborn-baby/18815507/
5 Tips for Birth Defects Prevention BDRP helped develop featured on NBC 2 (1/2/20) https://nbc25news.com/news/local/mdhhs-offers-5-tips-for-preventing-birth-defects-during-national-birth-defects-prevention

Bevin Blake, BDRP member and doctoral student student, recognized with IMPACT Award for research that will provide critical Information to better understand GenX and PFOS effects on maternal, fetal and placental outcomes (2019) https://gradschool.unc.edu/news/2019/impact/awards.html

Nicole Kleinstreuer, PhD, BDRP Councilor, weighs in on AI and its impact on environmental health (12/4/19)  https://simplystatistics.org/2019/12/04/is-artificial-intelligence-revolutionizing-environmental-health/

Nicole Kleinstreuer, PhD, BDRP Councilor, lends her expertise on advancing new nonanimal testing technologies via NIEHS (11/19) https://factor.niehs.nih.gov/2019/11/science-highlights/animal-testing/index.htm  

Christina Chambers, PhD, MPH, BDRP Past President , leads the pregnancy studies project at our sister society @MotherToBaby (11/22/19) https://www.rheumatologyadvisor.com/home/rheumatoid-arthritis-advisor/oral-corticosteroid-use-associated-with-preterm-birth-in-ra/

Christina Chambers, PhD, MPH, BDRP Past President , talks about the rise of marijuana use among pregnant women to KUSI-TV in San Diego (11/5/19)

Sonja Rasmussen, MD, BDRP Past President, featured in in-depth Florida Gators article (2019) https://www.uff.ufl.edu/gators/superhero-small-planet/

BDRP’s Birth Defects Research journal cited in this Healio article (9/30/19) https://www.healio.com/primary-care/womens-health/news/online/%7Ba0c06436-8a45-4529-85d0-e739827b757b%7D/explain-the-science-pcps-can-improve-flu-vaccine-uptake-among-pregnant-women

Sarah Obican, MD, BDRP member, talks about alcohol and opioids in pregnancy on The MotherToBaby Podcast’s 7th and 8th episodes (9/19, 10/19)  http://bit.ly/MTBPodcast

Sonja Rasmussen, MD, BDRP Past President, talks about vaccines in pregnancy and breastfeeding on The MotherToBaby Podcast’s 5th and 6th episodes (8/19, 9/19)  http://bit.ly/MTBPodcast

Al Romeo, PhD, RN, BDRP member from MotherToBaby UT, talks alcohol use in pregnancy to KUTV 2 News in Salt Lake City, UT (8/23/19) https://kutv.com/features/health/baby-your-baby/byb-podcast-alcohol-use-before-and-during-pregnancy

Bevin Blake, BDRP member and doctoral student student, is winner of 2020 NIH Fellows Award for Research Excellence (8/19) https://factor.niehs.nih.gov/2019/8/awards-recognition/research-excellence/index.htm

Christina Chambers, PhD, MPH, BDRP Past President, talks about marijuana and alcohol exposures in DailyMail.com article (7/23/19) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-7276819/Marijuana-pregnancy-just-damaging-alcohol-studies-find.html

Al Romeo, PhD, RN, BDRP member from MotherToBaby UT, talks about FASD support groups to KUTV 2 News in Salt Lake City, UT (7/9/19)

Sonja Rasmussen, MD, BDRP Past President, co-authors an op-ed for STAT News on the Ebola vaccine in pregnancy (6/13/19)

Christina Chambers, PhD, MPH, BDRP Past President lends her expertise on medication use during breastfeeding in NY Times Parenting article (6/7/19) https://parenting.nytimes.com/feeding/breastfeeding-medications

Sarah Obican, MD, BDRP member, performs an innovative surgical procedure on both mom and baby during a high-risk delivery (6/3/19) https://hscweb3.hsc.usf.edu/blog/2019/06/03/the-usf-health-fetal-care-center-of-tampa-bays-multidisciplinary-team-performs-third-successful-exit-procedure/

Al Romeo, PhD, RN, BDRP member from MotherToBaby UT MotherToBaby Utah talks about herbal products on The MotherToBaby Podcast’s 1st episode (5/19) http://bit.ly/MTBPodcast

Christina Chambers, PhD, MPH, BDRP Past President, talks about marijuana exposure on The MotherToBaby Podcast’s 3rd episode (5/19) http://bit.ly/MTBPodcast

Dee Quinn, CGC, BDRP member, talks about maternal mental health on The MotherToBaby Podcast’s 4th episode (5/19) http://bit.ly/MTBPodcast

Christina Chambers, PhD, MPH, BDRP Past President, responds to Motherisk closure in Canadian Broadcast Corporation story (4/16/19) https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/motherisk-shutting-down-1.5100642

Anthony Scialli, MD, BDRP Past President, talks with Healthday regarding the safety of herbal supplements in pregnancy, article picked up by WebMD (4/10/19) https://www.webmd.com/baby/news/20190410/study-avoid-using-herbal-products-in-pregnancy#1

Christina Chambers, PhD, MPH, BDRP Past President, lends her expertise on medications in breastmilk to Healthday (4/3/19) https://consumer.healthday.com/women-s-health-information-34/breast-feeding-news-82/is-that-medication-safe-when-breastfeeding-744632.html

Anick Berárd, PhD, BDRP member, talks fluconazole in pregnancy in Healio.com article (3/4/19) http://bit.ly/2UhNIXY   

Member Nicole C. Kleinstreuer Receives Prestigious 2019 SOT Achievement Award (1/10/19)

Past President, Dr. Sonja Rasmussen lends expertise in NPR All Things Considered interview: “Severe Flu Raises Risk Of Birth Problems For Pregnant Women, Babies” (1/10/19)

Member Dr. Madhumita Basu, PhD, featured in news story: High blood sugar during pregnancy influences fetal heart development (12/22/18)

Michiko Watanabe, PhD, editor of the Birth Defects Research special issue on the maternal environment, quoted in Earth.com regarding the special issue's findings (12/21/18)

Al Romeo, RN, PhD, talks about antidepressants during pregnancy and breastfeeding on KUTV (12/21/18)

Al Romeo, RN, PhD, talks about asthma and pregnancy on KUTV’s Baby Your Baby television segment (11/16/18)

Christina Chambers, PhD, MPH, Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention Past President was cited in dozens of news articles regarding the latest study surrounding marijuana in breast milk including:
The Boston Globe (8/30/18)
The New York Times (8/27/18)
Inverse (8/27/18)
Fox News (8/27/18)

Anthony Scialli, MD, Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention Past President, was featured in a U.S. News & World Report article on marijuana and morning sickness (8/20/18)

Dr. Christina Chambers among co-authors of new paper in JAMA on study suggesting that the rate of children affected by drinking during pregnancy may be higher than previously thought (2/6/18)

Robert J. Kavlock Receives 2018 SOT Merit Award (2/6/18)

New UNC-Chapel Hill Study Links Low Carbohydrate Intake to Increased Risk of Birth Defects (1/25/18)

Birth defects experts to present free webinar on opioids in pregnancy (1/24/18)

Dr. Russell Kirby tracks neonatal abstinence syndrome in the opioid epidemic (1/22/18)

Iodine deficiency may reduce pregnancy chances, NIH study led by Dr. James Mills suggests (1/11/18)

JAMA study says more pregnant women are using marijuana; television news interview featuring Dr. Christina Chambers (12/28/17)

Scientists invited to build computer models that predict toxicity, featuring Dr. Nicole Kleinstreuer (12/13/17)

WVU opens new inhalation facility, $1.7 million NIH grant investigates effects of inhaled particles in health (Study director Timothy Nurkiewicz) (10/19/17)

Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention Members Active in Zika Response (2015-2016)

June 16, 2020—Diverse Birth Defects Research and the Science of Tomorrow to Be Recognized

June 1, 2020—Free COVID-19 Webinar Headlines Birth Defects Research Virtual Annual Meeting

July 23, 2019—New Studies Suggest Prenatal Marijuana Exposure May Be Capable of Inducing FASD-Like Impairment

June 18, 2019—From Climate Change’s Effects in Pregnancy to Gestational Marijuana Use, Top Scientists Present Latest Research

April 16, 2019—From Bench to Bedside, Spectrum of Birth Defects Research to Be Recognized

January 2, 2019—Teratology Experts Unveil 5 Effective Ways to Prevent Birth Defects

December 21, 2018—New Insight into What a Mother Gives to her Baby in the Womb besides Genes

August 14, 2018—Advances in 3-D Printing Launch a Promising Future for Birth Defects Treatments

June 19, 2018—Top Birth Defects Researchers Converge in Clearwater to Discuss Zika, Opioids

May 1, 2018—Frozen Embryo Transfer versus Fresh Embryo Transfer: What’s Riskier?

April 30, 2018—Scientists to Be Recognized as They Present Latest Research in Birth Defects

December 18, 2017—New Data Shows Junk Food, Energy Drinks May Pose Unique Risks for Teens

July 17, 2017—Study Shows Newer Antiepileptic Drugs and Mood Stabilizers May be Safer Choice during Pregnancy

June 26, 2017—Marijuana Safety in Pregnancy: Researchers Descend on Denver to Discuss Latest Data

April 26, 2017—Scientists to Be Recognized as They Present Research on Zika, Cocaine in Pregnancy

March 15, 2017—Pregnancy Infection Concern Rises with Resurgence of Syphilis, Emergence of Zika

December 29, 2016—Series of New Studies Shed Light on Sex Determination in Human Development

November 16, 2016—New Study Shows Decrease in Critical Birth Defects Prevention Programs

June 27, 2016—Symposium, Series of New Studies Aim to Raise Awareness of Drug Abuse in Pregnancy

June 20, 2016—Brazilian Scientists Head to San Antonio, Set to Unveil New Zika Research

April 20, 2016—Scientists Honored for Making Monumental Strides in Birth Defects Research

December 28, 2015—New Studies Suggest Microorganisms in the Womb Set Stage For Childhood and Adulthood Diseases

June 18, 2015—Examining dads’ influence on babies’ health French

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