Criteria for Membership

Membership Type

Regular Members


Dues are currently $150
For regular members, there are two options to demonstrate substantive interest in the purposes of the Society:

  1. Pertinent publications or other documentation of participation in the field. Publications listed shall be in birth defects research, as broadly defined, and including fields such as teratology, developmental and reproductive biology and toxicology, cell and molecular biology, product safety evaluation, genetic counseling, epidemiology, pathology, nutrition, and clinical evaluation. The list shall include only those published in refereed journals; one or more publications (not abstracts) are required with the applicant as the first author , or two or more publications are required with the applicant as other than the first author. Manuscripts in press shall be considered only if a copy is submitted together with verification of acceptance for publication.
  2. In lieu of appropriate publications, other documentation of active participation in the study of the causes and prevention of birth defects and developmental disorders (e.g., administrative, governmental, or industrial experience with likelihood of continued interest) shall be considered. This path for Regular Membership is intended to allow full membership for scientists with significant active and valued participation in birth defects research but whose job functions do not enable regular publication or disclosure of their work products. Examples of active scientific participation include development or conduct of proprietary preclinical toxicology testing, consultants that provide confidential evaluation of developmental toxicology evaluations to clients, professors and lecturers at primarily teaching colleges and universities who may not have access to research facilities, and governmental scientists tasked with developmental or reproductive toxicology data evaluation.

Associate Members


Dues are currently $150

Associate membership in the Society shall be open to persons who do not have publications or direct scientific involvement in the field but demonstrate active participation in issues related to research on the causes and prevention of birth defects and developmental disorders in line with the objectives of the Society. Active professional interest is to be documented by endorsement of one Regular member on the membership application or in a separate correspondence referencing the Associate membership application. Associate members may attend the Annual Business Meeting but may not vote, hold an elected office or sponsor abstracts. Associate members may present abstracts. As part of their annual dues, Associate members shall receive a subscription to the journal BIRTH DEFECTS RESEARCH.

Trainee Members


Dues are currently $20 

Requirements for Trainee membership consist of endorsement of one non-trainee member of the Society and confirmation from the applicant’s Major Professor, Program Director, or direct supervisor verifying that the applicant is a trainee in good standing. The Major Professor, Program Director, or direct supervisor also will provide the expected date of graduation, fulfillment of fellowship, or completion of residency or internship. Trainee members are requested to apply for Regular or Associate membership status at the first Annual Meeting of the Society after they graduate, after fulfillment of their graduate program, postdoctoral fellowship, or upon completion of their transitional position, residency or internship. Those trainees who choose not to apply for Regular or Associate membership status by the time of the succeeding Annual Meeting will have their membership inactivated. Consideration for restoration of membership includes reasons for resignation or for nonpayment of dues, evidence of interim accomplishments, and likelihood of continuing interest.

Emeritus Members


Dues are currently $0 with an option to subscribe to BIRTH DEFECTS RESEARCH for a separate fee.

An individual who has been a Regular Member for at least 15 years and who has retired from his or her professional post shall be eligible for Emeritus membership upon written request to the Secretary. Emeritus members shall have all the voting rights and privileges of active Regular Members, are exempt from payment of annual dues, and may subscribe to the journal BIRTH DEFECTS RESEARCH at the Publisher’s basic price.